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Khwaja Khadir and the Fountain of Life in the Tradition of Persian and Mughal Art
Al-Khidr, the Green and Artistic Spiritual Guide
Idris and Al Khidr
Dhulqarnein and al-Khidr
Al-Khadir, Alexander and the Fountain of Life
Islamic Kataragama: The Home of al-Khidr
The Cult of Hizir in Turkey
El Khidr in the Popular Religion of Turkey
Shrine of Khwaja Khizr, near Bukkur Fort, 1838
Book Review: Patrick Franke's 'Begegnung mit Khidr:
Quellenstudien zum Imaginaren im traditionellen Islam'
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Al-Faqr or 'Spiritual Poverty'
Khizr, Islam's Patron Saint of Cannabis
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